Curran-Seeley Foundation

The Curran-Seeley Foundation has been awarded a three-year CARF-Accreditation for our Assessment and Referral Program, our Intensive Outpatient Program and our Outpatient Program. This means that we adhere to the highest standards of quality and person-centered programming.

Curran-Seeley is a private, non-profit organization providing comprehensive alcohol and drug counseling, treatment and prevention services to Wyoming residents of Teton County and surrounding communities, who may be suffering from substance abuse problems and their effects. These services are offered in a confidential, caring and cost-effective manner at offices located in the town of Jackson.

The methods used in our programs include group and individual therapy facilitated by Curran-Seeley staff therapists, lecture and discussion, the use of audio and video materials, and numerous exercises and handout materials. Outside reading and written work are assigned.

Evaluation & Assessment (English or Spanish)

All evaluations are completed by and/or reviewed by a Wyoming Licensed Therapist, or other appropriate clinically licensed staff. Although the majority of the evaluation and assessment work done is for criminal justice system cases, we provide many assessments for other reasons, including personal information, business and corporate requests, and coordinated efforts with other service agencies. Federal and State guidelines regarding client rights, confidentiality, disclosure releases, etc. are strictly adhered to.

Clients may be referred to treatment from a variety of sources, including the court system, physicians, psychotherapists, family and friends. If clients are diagnosed as substance abusive, rather than substance dependent, they may be referred to programs such as an Education Awareness program, Outpatient program, or DUI class.

If clients are diagnosed as substance dependent, and the Intensive Men's or Women's Outpatient Treatment Program is appropriate, they can immediately begin treatment.

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs (IOPT)

The Curran-Seeley Foundation provides three separate intensive outpatient treatment programs: Adult Men, Adult Women, and Adolescents. Group sessions are held every day, Monday through Friday, and include a family member or significant other component, giving family members and significant others the opportunity to participate weekly in the services provided. In addition to work based on the twelve-step philosophy, Curran-Seeley programs include training and assistance in social and life skills such as anger management, stress management, dealing with grief and loss, and avoiding relapse. Except in special cases, clients are encouraged to be employed while in treatment.

Co-occurring services

Curran-Seeley clients have the opportunity to receive services for both their substance abuse and mental health diagnosis under one roof. For those clients who have co-occurring diagnosis this program will help them reach their full potential by treating both issues concurrently and increasing chances of long-term recovery.

Outpatient Program

Curran-Seeley provides an Adult Outpatient Program for those abusing substances but have not received a diagnosis of dependency.

Aftercare Services

The Foundation believes that long-term treatment leads to long-term sobriety. Our Aftercare programs are offered weekly. Curran-Seeley IOPT graduates receive Aftercare Services FREE, for life.

Education & Prevention Programs (English or Spanish)

Adolescent (ages 13–19 years of age), Fetal Alcohol, and Adult Drug & Alcohol Awareness classes are offered.

DUI Classes (English or Spanish)

This is a State-certified 8-hour education and prevention class for DUI offenders.

Intervention Services

Curran-Seeley provides the professional services needed to educate, guide and support those wishing to help someone who doesn't want help. Educational materials on the disease concept, with a special emphasis on the family's role, are provided. Steps to a possible family intervention are offered. We work with the family at their pace to help them become familiar with the options available to assist their loved one to get treatment. Support is offered, with an emphasis for them to attend Alanon.

Violence Prevention (English or Spanish)

The Men's Violence Prevention is a 26-session program for men having trouble with, or convicted of, family violence, domestic abuse, or power and control issues.

Relapse Prevention Program

A long-term support group, utilizing a cognitive-behavioral approach is offered for those needing more intensive, ongoing therapy.

Referral Services

Curran-Seeley maintains contact with a network of regional residential treatment providers for those in need of inpatient placement. We also have national directories available to assist with assessments and/or placement out of our local area.

Community Outreach

Curran-Seeley provides education/prevention programs to students in the Teton County School District during the regular school day. We also provide trainings and inservices for various community agencies and private businesses. We participate in many community coalitions and meetings, partnering with other agencies to provide education, raise awareness and increas wellness in our community.